Joseph Titano, M.D.

Dr. Titano is a fellow in the Interventional Radiology program of the Department of Radiology of Mount Sinai Hospital.

Key Papers:

Titano, J. J. et al. Automated deep-neural-network surveillance of cranial images for acute neurologic events. Nat. Med. 24, 1337–1341 (2018).


Fred Kwon (@kwon_youngjoon)

Fred Kwon is a student in the Icahn School of Medicine MSTP Program.


Florence Doo, M.D.

Florence Doo is a Diagnostic Radiology resident at Mt. Sinai West. She received her MD from Oakland University School of Medicine, an MA from Boston University, and her BA in Neuroscience from Wellesley College.  She has previously worked on computer vision and augmented reality projects, and is currently interested in AI to combine her interests in radiology, technology innovation/development, and education.

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Kurt Yaeger, MD

Kurt is a member of the Mount Sinai neurosurgery department, training in both endovascular neurosurgery and biodesign/medical device innovation. Kurt joined AISINAI to help bring proven academic concepts into clinical commercial use. He is a founder of MediScribe, an AI-enhanced platform to integrate medical data points in provider-to-provider communcations and to enhance the efficiency of medical record documentation.


Brett Marinelli, M.d.

Brett is a Diagnostic Radiology resident at The Mount Sinai Hospital. He received his MD from the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai and studied Physics at Williams College. With plans to practice Interventional Radiology his main research focuses on using deep learning-powered computer vision techniques to enhance interventional navigation methods. Brett’s prior work includes medical device design with biotechnology incubator Coridea, Inc. and molecular imaging research with the Center for Systems Biology at Massachusetts General Hospital.


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