To understand the basis of intelligence - artificial and human

To make healthcare safer, smarter, more efficient

To advance artificial intelligence research


We are training physician software engineers (MD-SWEs) to tackle the hardest problems in mathematics, neuroscience, and medicine using the most advanced tools in machine learning

Mathematics is the language of science, and medicine is the most profoundly human science. What we are attempting is a beautiful endeavor. By Using mathematics and artificial intelligence to solve medical problems, we are attempting to address the most pressing human needs using the language of life itself - mathematics.

- Eric Oermann, M.D., NCTS Health Hackathon Closing Speech 2018.

Our international collaboration with the National Center for Theoretical Sciences of National Taiwan University combines AISINAI’s strengths in translational research with NTU’s world-renowned excellence in mathematics and computer science


We’re always looking for collaborations to advance our mission. If you’re interested in finding ways of working together, please use the contact form at the top of the page or e-mail one of our faculty for further information.